Strategic Partners

In order to provide a one stop solution as well as value added services to our customers we have entered into strategic partnership with companies and consultancies which add to our capabilities and allow us to serve you better. Our partners are: –

Palmarii Dynamics AB, Sweden. We represent this marine design bureau in India and offer military as well as commercial, manned and unmanned, surface and sub-surface vessels in India providing cutting edge European and American technologies.

Sumeru Learning. We have partnered with this vertically specialised HR consultancy for providing top class training as well HR and OB interventions during transformations.

Eleno Group. Through our partners in Eleno Group we provide technical design and validation services, CAE services, CAD and generic engineering services, and corporate technical training in LS dyna, Hypermesh, DEP etc.

C-Cube Consultancy. We have partnered with C-cube to offer HR interventions, team building and character building offsite trainings through internationally renowned trainers.