Renewable Energy Practice

Renewable Energy Practice

14th October 2016 Consulting 0

Renewable Energy Practice – Solar PV Consultancy

Incentives from Government: –
  • 30% subsidy for residential and institutional properties.
  • Accelerated depreciation for commercial and industrial properties.
  • Savings in income tax.
  • Net metering etc.

What you should know before you approach a Vendor?
    • Your actual need.
    • Is what the vendor offering best for you?
    • Options available in the market?
    • Is the project financial viable?
    • Who will develop the specifications for the RFQ or tender? After all the solar plant is a technical plant.
    • Who will prepare the documents for arriving at budgetary estimates and for your internal financial sanctions?
    • Who will prepare a Detailed Project Report?
    • Who will assist in selection of the best vendor offering maximum value based on the best equipment possible in your budget?
    • Who will help you negotiate the best PPA with a RESCO firm?
    • Who will monitor the project and give you an unbiased report?
  • For Developers – We help project developers take decisions regarding the business viability of projects and also in execution of the projects. We provide the following services:
    • Feasibility Studies: We assess the site potential, location, state regulations and the energy market in the area to determine the feasibility of the solar project being planned. This allows the developer to take a decision regarding going ahead with the solar project or not.
    • Project Management/ Owner’s Engineer:  Once a decision has been taken to execute a solar project, the developer can either outsource the entire solar project management to us or take out advisors onboard their project management team for successful execution of the solar project.
  • Buyer Side Implementation Assistance – We assist commercial, industrial and residential (large housing society) clients in executing their solar projects. We offer two services:
    • Owners’ Engineer: acts as the solar engineer on your team and guide you through the complete solar project execution. We will advise you in assessing customer need, determining the project feasibility, assessing the site potential, budgeting for the project, preparing the tender documents, assessing and selecting the vendors, monitoring the project execution and accepting the plant.
    • Project Management: You can outsource the entire solar project management to us. We shall start from customer need assessment and manage the complete project on your behalf in consultation with you and hand over a commissioned solar plant.
  • Seller Side Installer Assistance: In case you are a solar project company, we provide the following services for you to build confidence in your clients.
    • Third party vetting of solar design and drawings.
    • Third party review of solar designs and drawings.

How it Works?

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