I Don’t Need Consultant for My Rooftop Solar Plant (?)

I Don’t Need Consultant for My Rooftop Solar Plant (?)

9th February 2018 Blogs 0

Varun Gupta is the Plant Head of a steel re-processing plant in Pune. He has a set of three manufacturing and storage sheds in his plant. He is concerned about his manufacturing cost. Energy bills form a large part of his cost. His boss knows that to remain competitive, he has to minimise manufacturing cost. He has asked Varun to suggest a plan.

Someone suggested Varun that if he installs a rooftop solar power plant, he could reduce his energy bills by a substantial percentage. An excited Varun emailed his boss that they can consider installing a rooftop solar power plant.


Varun’s boss replied with a long set of queries: –

  • What is the recommended plant capacity?
  • What plant capacity can we install?
  • What are the best plants available in the market?
  • How much will it cost?
  • How much energy bill will it reduce?
  • What would be the RoI?
  • What would be the payback period?
  • What is the cost for operating and maintaining the plant?
  • What is the recommended configuration?

His boss also asked him to make a case and put it up for consideration and financial approval. Varun was in a fix as he did not have answers to these questions. He needed a specialist to help him out. He approached few vendors who installed solar plants. But each vendor was trying to sell the product he had, rather than what was optimal for Varun. This got Varun wondering if there was someone, who had no stake in the plant being installed, but worked for his company keeping the company’s interests first. Varun knew that the duration of a solar project would be between a few weeks to a few months. He was told that the life of such a solar plant is around 25 years, so he will not be installing another plant for a substantial period of time. It did not make sense to hire a Solar specialist as a project engineer just for the solar project.

Further discussions with his team convinced Varun that after the project was approved by the management, he would need people to liaise with the utility company for obtaining the various approvals and inspections required. Then he would need some one to help him spell out the specifications which need to be put in the tender on the basis of which they would select the EPC company which would finally install the solar power plant for him.


Varun would also need assistance in selecting and then accepting the components that would arrive at site. He would need a specialist who would oversee the installation done by the EPC company on his company’s behalf. An informed person who would monitor the progress of the project in a neutral manner and keeping the interests of his company on top. A knowledgeable person who would be present during trials and accept of the rooftop solar power plant on behalf of his company.

In effect, Varun needed a specialist consultant who would help him assess the potential of his site and prepare the feasibility reports for internal sanctions. A consultant who would help him select the right equipment from the huge array of products available in the market. A specialist who would oversee and monitor the project on his company’s behalf and help liaise with the utility company. Someone who will work for him for the period of the project and then move on.

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