From Components to Systems

From Components to Systems

13th December 2018 Projects 0

A Mumbai based global supplier of earthing system components had the dream to grow into a complete earthing solution provider. Though its looks simple, the process was full of challenges.

Firstly the client needed to understand the entire earthing principles, technology and standards. Their design capability was to be upgraded from pure mechanical design for system components to electrical design and mechanical design. The team needed to be trained in understanding the new requirements as well as interpret the new set of electrical standards. It also required the hiring of new people and establishment of an augmented design bureau.

We advised the client through first explaining the new requirement and though process. We listed the new set of documents and software needed by the designers and trained them in understanding the new standard. We prepare the JD for the new staff required to be hired. We handheld the client in determining the new design bureau requirements and in establishing the design bureau.

The entire project was completed successfully in a time bound manner. We are happy to have helped our client live their dream.