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Content is a means of communication between the enterprise and the client. There may be different types of communications, but we can classify them into mainly three categories.

  • Pre-purchase communication to make the client aware of our products and services and to get the customer interested in our products and services. This is called marketing communication. It is increasingly being occupied by e-learning content used on websites for customer education because invariably, the first touchpoint with the customer is the company website.
  • Post purchase communication to help the customer use our product in a more productive manner. This takes the form of technical documentation.
  • Continuous communication which may used by the customer to train their own people in various skills, which forms part of the training content, which space is increasingly being filled up by e-learning content.

Adler Technoserve offers products and services which help our clients communicate comprehensively with their customers. We offer the following.

e-Learning content. We create high quality, 100% original e-learning content through experts and academics across various subjects, industries and niches. Our content is SCORM compliant and can be loaded on most of the Learning Management Systems (LMS). The content is engaging, articulate, easy to understand and includes videos and 3-D animation where required. This content can be used of employee training as well as customer education. Some of the advantaged of e-learning content are: –

  • It uses 40 to 60% less employee time.
  • Retention rates in e-learning are as high as 25 to 60% as compared to 8-10% in face to face learning
  • The learner learns 5 times more material in given training time as compared to conventional training
  • 42% companies claim increase revenue due to e-learning
  • Every rupee invested in e-learning leads to approximately 30 rupees in productivity
  • E-learning is understood to led to 18% increase in employee engagement
  • 41.7% of Fortune 500 companies use some type of e-learning
  • 72% companies believe that e-learning helps improve competitive edge by allowing them to swiftly keep up with changes
  • 26% higher revenue generated per employee for companies using e-learning
  • In 2018-19, IBM saved US$ 200 Million by changing over to e-learning

We develop Level 1, 2 and 3 e-learning content which varies from training for remembering and understanding to gamified scenario-based training for analysis and application. All packages are interactive with end of learning quizzes as per the training objective. We provide the complete service from determining the training objective to subject matter research and storyboarding to delivering an immersive learning experience.

Samples – To view some sample e-Learning packages please click here.

Technical Documentation.   We provide high quality technical documentation with the help of professional technical writers and experts. The documentation includes technical descriptions, operating manuals, maintenance manuals, training manuals etc. We also develop interactive electronic technical manuals (IETMs) complying with DITA and S1000D norms.

Marketing Content.   We provide high quality marketing content written by expert copywriters and writers across industries and niches. Our content is 100% original and plagiarism proof. For SEO our content is keyword optimised. We ensure that the content is conversion focussed. The rights of the content created by us remains with the clients.

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