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Guaranteed Stress-Free Solar Installation

…solar consultants physically measure the site during site assessment and fit the preliminary design to the actual site…

7th August 2019 0

Own(er’s) Engineer

What is the most important responsibility of any business? It’s responsibility towards it’s shareholders. They are the people who have invested their faith and their money in a business and maximising their returns is the focus of every business. During the course of the business the management comes across several propositions which look attractive as…
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17th June 2019 0

5 Billion in 5 Years

What is there for MSMEs in the newly declared Government of India intent to export defence equipment to 85 countries.

11th June 2019 0

Case of the Shrinking Roof

We entered into the business of installing rooftop solar power plants. A number of interactions with our prospective clients and competition convinced us that something needs to be done to protect the interest of the buyers. A few months back, we decided to shun the path of becoming a solar installer and instead, use the…
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2nd May 2018 0

Ten Things to Ascertain Before You Call the Solar Installer

  Installing solar rooftop plants is trending. The government is pushing for them. It is supposed to save the world while saving money for you. People want to be seen green. Its a hot topic for discussion in a number of housing societies, industrial units and commercial establishments which are burdened under high energy bills.…
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18th April 2018 0

Of Solar Projects and Owner’s Engineers

Often I am asked, “so what do you do after quitting the Navy”. When I tell them that my company consults as Owner’s Engineers for solar projects, the most frequent query is, “whats that?” So today, I am making an attempt to explain in short, what does an owner’s engineer do? Solar rooftop systems are…
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5th April 2018 0

I Don’t Need Consultant for My Rooftop Solar Plant (?)

Varun Gupta is the Plant Head of a steel re-processing plant in Pune. He has a set of three manufacturing and storage sheds in his plant. He is concerned about his manufacturing cost. Energy bills form a large part of his cost. His boss knows that to remain competitive, he has to minimise manufacturing cost.…
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9th February 2018 0

Of Potholed Roads and Inefficient Rooftop Solar Plants

Indian roads are some of the worst you can find in the world. Most of the automotive companies have a special “Indian package” for suspension which includes a raised and beefed up suspension. The reasons for such a state may be many, but one of them is the way road contracts are implemented in India.…
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9th February 2018 0

Net Metering – Eligibility and Limitations

In my last post I had tried to explain what net metering was all about and how the billing mechanism is followed. Continuing with the same, I shall now try to cover as to who all are eligible for installing a net metering system and what are the terms and conditions. I shall try and…
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26th October 2017 0

Net Metering – Mechanism of Billing

Net metering is being pushed by the Government of India as a means to promote installation of rooftop solar power plants in India. So, what exactly is net metering? Net metering is a system in which a rooftop solar power plant is connected to the grid through a net meter. This solar power plant is…
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25th October 2017 0