Capability Building

Capability Building

12th July 2017 Consulting Consulting2 0


Consultancy in Business Capability Building

The aim of every company, whether large or small is to grow. An MSME wants to become a large corporate, a large corporate wants to become an MNC and an MNC wants to diversify into new product lines. Every company has a a core set of competencies and capabilities on which it operates. However, to grow, they need to build on their capabilities or develop their capabilities. We advise and support companies to build new capabilities which help them grow. Some of the sectors and technologies in which we help build capabilities and competencies are: –

  •    Defence Sector
  •    Marine and Submarine Systems
  •    Electrical Engineering
  •    Automation and Controls
  •    Electro-mechanical Processes

additional resources Building capability of the company is a complex task which involves the following:

  •    What are we doing now?
  •    What do we want to do?
  •    Where is the market and money?
  •    What are the business trends?
  •    What are the technologies involved?
  •    What are the standards and documents involved?
  •    Are my employees geared to undertake the new challenges?
  •    How do I train them to achieve what I want to?

buy priligy online uk Building capability means building the core competence of the company and it needs:-

  •    Management of technology
  •    Management of employee talent
  •    Management of transformation

We all know that looking from inside we cannot get the accurate perspective. This is where Adler Technoserve steps in. Our team of experienced specialists in the field of Technology Management, transformation management and technology can help you identify the gaps and how to fill them. Our team comprises experienced professionals who are alumni of IIT Delhi and IIM Ahmedabad with more than 50 years of experience in the field.

buy dapoxetine in usa Services we Offer: –
  •    Consultancy for Process improvement – Where your processes and lag and how it can be improved?
  •    Consultancy for Capability enhancement – Build your core competency to do bigger things.
  •    Gap Assessment – Assess Technology/ Resource/ Process gaps in your existing system.
  •    Technology Scouting – Determine new technologies available around the world and asses their suitability for your processes/ capability building.
  •    Technology identification – Identify the best technologies for your firm.
  •    Consultancy for Technology Transfer – Consult you for transfer of selected technology.
  •    Consultancy for Technology Assimilation – Help your firm and employees assimilate the new technology. Develop systems and process for the same.
  •    Understanding customer requirement – Help you understand specific technical requirement of clients from marine, defense and security fields.
  •    Understanding market – We help you understand the trends in the market and suggest capabilities that need to be built.
  •    Subject Matter Expertise for software development in marine systems, operations and maintenance etc.

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