500 KWp Solar Power Plant – RESCO Model

500 KWp Solar Power Plant – RESCO Model

13th December 2018 Projects 0

Solar power plants are the flavour of the time in India. The government of

500 KWp Solar Rooftop Plant – RESCO Model

India is supporting installation of these power plants through several incentives provided for both commercial as well as residential projects. For residential projects the government provides incentives in the form of net metering and subsidy.

We are advising a large housing society in Pune. The society comprises 33 multi-story buildings. It has a huge energy bill for common areas like lifts, street lights, building common areasĀ  etc. The society was paying for this energy at a rate of INR 12.00/ KW-h ($0.17/ KW-h) and running a monthly electricity bill of a few lakhs (few hundred thousand). We advised them in establishing their requirement for energy and selection of vendor for installation under the RESCO (OPEX) model wherein the vendor will install the plant and run it on behalf of the housing society for 15 years. The plant will be transferred to them at no cost after 15 years.

We advised them in negotiating the PPA and got them a rate that would nearly halve their monthly energy bill. In the process we helped them save INR 6.6 Lakhs ($ 9,122.00).

We are supporting the society as owner’s engineer by vetting the drawings and Bill of Material submitted by the vendor, monitoring the installation process and overseeing the commissioning of the plant.